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So far, the morning breakfast shows have been without a government minister doing the breakfast rounds. They haven’t been put up to talk about the Christmas party. Why? Because they just can’t defend the antics. It’s as clear as night and day (or perhaps life and death). Lingerie Rompers If I had held a party with my university peers on the same day government staffers held theirs, I’d have been slapped with a hefty fine – not to mention a fair amount of shaming – while the elite in Downing Street appear to have gotten off scot-free.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen politicians bend rules. Do the names Dominic Cummings or Matt Hancock ring a bell? On TV, the former health secretary said that the top priority is “making sure lives are saved”. Well, when you’ve got an endless list of lockdown rules being broken by him and his superiors, those words ring very hollow. Ultra Sexy Lingerie

More generally, we’ve frequently seen the Prime Minister break his own rules on numerous other things — only yesterday (9 December) Johnson was accused of misleading his own ethics advisor over the No 10 refurbishment. This flippancy towards rules and regulations is frustrating but not surprising. He and his government might face some angry words from us. #BorisResign might trend on Twitter for a few days, like it always does when something like this happens. Valentine’s Day Lingerie However, like everything else, it will fizzle out once the news cycle changes, and our broken country will limp on the same way it has been.

The country was struggling yet our government was partying. Intensive care units were gathering iPads to help loved ones to say goodbye, while No 10 stocked up on cheese and wine. The whole saga reminds me of the famous quote from George Orwell’s Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

All of this has proved one thing: the rules aren’t for them or their friends. They’re only for us.

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