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I remember December 2020 very well. It was constantly cold, bleak and tiring. As a first year university student, me and my peers struggled to navigate online lectures from our small rooms with everything shut down around us. We weren’t allowed to attend seminars together, nor sit next to each other during an anatomy demonstration, because the government said so. Lounge lingerie People like me were paying a fortune for accommodation we couldn’t live in, again because of government guidelines. The few who didn’t follow the rules paid their fines and owned up to their mistakes. The same can’t be said for Boris Johnson and the Downing Street elite.

It seems the team at Downing Street held a Christmas party on a day when more than 500 people died of Covid-19 — it gives off an incredibly insensitive image, especially when you put it with the infamous footage of aides laughing at a mock press briefing about a “fictional” Christmas party. [Boris Johnson has apologised for the video, and insisted he was “repeatedly assured” no such party had taken place.] Lingerie Costumes.

While staffers were partying, nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals faced the brunt of the worst Covid-19 wave in a while. Down the road from the medical school was a major hospital, where wards and intensive care units were overflowing with sick patients. In hospitals all around the country, difficult decisions were being made, from who got a ventilator to how many operations would be cancelled that day. It’s entirely reflective of what our government actually is – a group of people with no empathy for what’s going on across the country.

Contrary to hot takes on Twitter from right-wing political pundits who are bored of it all and just want to move on, this isn’t a Westminster bubble story. A group of people with utter disdain for the electorate had a Christmas party, in the same building where lockdown rules were created in the first place? It’s a huge deal.  Lingerie Dresses. Think about the daughter who was separated from her dying mother, the university students blamed for rising Covid cases in their local area, families who spent Eid, Christmas, Hanukkah or Diwali away from their loved ones because this very government told them too. It’s a huge, huge deal.

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