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People cry for all kinds of reasons, some of them strategic. I doubt there is a woman on this planet who isn’t aware of the effect that tears have on some members of the opposite sex, who seem to either panic or become characters in a costume drama, proffering a chaise longue. Push Up Lingerie That is not to say that Stratton’s sobs were calculated – she seemed genuinely upset, though who can really tell? – so much as she will have known, as we all know, that tears inevitably change the tone. They always do.

Much has been said of the weaponisation of “white women’s tears” in the context of being accused of racist behaviour. As Heather Christie writes in The Crying Book, a meditation on tears and their cultural meaning, “the tears of a white woman can shift a room’s gravity. They set others falling to help her, to correct and punish those who would dare make her weep.” The greater crime becomes not the harm that has been done to the victim, but the tears of the victimiser.

It seemed to me that Stratton was crying more from self-pity, from the damage done to her career and reputation by the footage and its subsequent fallout. In a similar way, Theresa May’s resignation tears seemed to be more for herself and her legacy; Thatcher’s, too. Stratton will regret what happened, she said, for “the rest of her days”. She is already thinking in terms of history, and living as we are through a historical moment, she must surely know that now forevermore her name will be associated with this scandal, that in a moment that required kindness, empathy and tact, she was filmed joking. Unlined Lingerie She knows it is a bad look, to be seen laughing when others were dying. Are tears sufficient to undercut that? Some would say so.

I believe not. They stood in stark contrast to so much private pain and grief, most of which has taken place behind closed doors. There has been no public outpouring for the coronavirus victims, though people cry at the many hearts on the memorial wall. Still, there has been a curious lack of affect. Occasionally we hear the bereaved on the radio, and the sound of the pain in their voices is the closest we get to really understanding what they have been through. “It is such a secret place, the land of tears,” wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in The Little Prince. Microfiber Lingerie En masse, public tears can be a threat to those in power.

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