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There’s so much noise made about celebrating our bodies instead of picking relentlessly at our perceived flaws. I guess it’s grimly necessary to remind ourselves that our bodies are in fact, very normal, when we’re constantly confronted with aggressive airbrushing and face tuning. Yellow Lingerie But mostly, I feel best about my physical being when I’m not thinking about it at all. Being mirrorless was an accidental exercise in this respect. It was only on day four of my stay that I realised I’d thought about my appearance drastically less than usual. And when I did give it some consideration, my thoughts were usually of a practical nature, zoning in on whether the jumper I was wearing was clean (it was not, good save).

The periods where I’ve been most obsessed with my appearance have usually been the times when I’ve also felt the most insecure. There’s an inevitable chicken and egg thing going on here. I’ve lingered in front of the mirror trying to find something to change, something to like, something to hide. plus size lingerie A light up mirror helps when you’re trying to perfect eyeliner, but it also shows you the finest lines and the smallest blemishes in damning focus. For me, such scrutiny reinforces the behaviour. But it doesn’t make me feel better about the lines or the stretch marks or whatever small thing I’ve chosen to zone in on that day.

What does help is not seeing any of it. Not having the option to see myself up close, or bathed in bright light. Not vampiric and hiding from my own reflection, but just not seeking it out regularly. Affordable lingerie Mirrors for decoration. Mirrors to show off a room. Treat them more as furniture and less as pools to gaze into.

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